"Magic Is Calling" Embroidery Tutorial

The 'Magic Is Calling' embroidery kit is the perfect starter kit - it uses a few different stitches which are shown on the diagram as below and we have explained how to do these stitches as well.
Back Stitch:
  1. Bring needle up at 1 and down at 2.
  2. Bring needle up at 3 and back down at 1.


French Knot:

  1. Using both hands, pinch the floss a few inches from the fabric, and hold it taut
  2. Place the needle in front of the floss
  3. Wind the floss that you are holding taut around the needle 2-3 times
  4. Pull this floss taut again so it becomes tight around the needle
  5. Insert the needle next to where the floss has come up through the fabric
  6. Pull the coil snug around the needle and push the needle through the fabric to create the knot


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