Blogmas Day 24 - Craft Project Ideas

Merry Christmas Eve!

Whether you are spending your day surrounded by loved ones or you are having a quieter one, we hope you have a wonderful day and get to do your favourite things.

To tie in nicely with today's Advent Calendar gift - I thought we could step into the world of creativity and explore some fun craft projects to spark your imagination and add in the element of a journaling approach.

  • DIY Nature Art - Does anyone remember pressing flowers or leaf collages? I've recently pressed some flowers for a project to add to some photo frames.
  • Upcycle Home Decor - Give some new life to old items by upcycling them for your home to fit in with your decor.
  • Handmade Greeting Cards - You could use a whole variety of methods such as watercolour or embossing, I have previously used screen printing and lino printing which is such a fun technique, and every single card is different!
  • Embroidery Art - Another one I'm a huge fan of, if you check today's Advent Gift 🤭, there are kits that you can get if you're a beginner or you could create your own designs if you're a little bit more experienced. I've got a list of projects to begin in the next year that I'm really looking forward to.
  • Polymer Clay Creations - Sculpture your imagination with polymer clay. You could do anything from jewellery pieces to small figurines, there are endless possibilities and YouTube would definitely be your friend here!

There's a few more ideas that you can save here.

Now you may be wondering how we would suggest adding this into your journal, there are a few ways that we would recommend doing this.

  • Create a Craft Journal - Dedicate a journal or part of your current journal to your craft projects. You could document your project ideas, materials used and the process for them. Include photos or sketches for the processes.
  • Set Creative Goals - Establish the creative goals for yourself. Do you want to try a new technique? Complete a certain amount of projects? Have dedicated time to being creative?
  • Reflect on the Progress - Regularly reflect on your creative journey. Noting what you've learnt and any challenges you've overcome as well.


This all ties together nicely with today's Advent Gift which is a beautiful embroidery kit, featuring amazing colours and matching the image on the front of our Dot Grid Journals.

These will be available this Sunday at 10am along with the rest of this weeks Advent gifts.
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