Blogmas Day 9 - Crafting a Vision Board

 It's Blogmas Day 9 and we're going to get really creative! 

I've seen more and more people sharing their vision boards - I think it's a great way to visualise your goals. The world often feels fast-paced and demanding, a vision board is an amazing way to reflect on your goals, aspirations and self-care is crucial. 

The nature of crafting and journaling is extremely therapeutic as it is, so if you're a lover of stationery, and want a new way to take care of your mental health, motivation and manifestation - read on!


I have put together a little checklist to take you through crafting a vision board in your journal, it's available below and as a download!

  • Vision - What does the best version of yourself look like?
  • Goals - What will help you achieve that version?
  • Action - What actions will help you achieve those goals?
  • Create - Get together your images that represent your vision, goals and actions.

Download the Crafting a Vision Board Checklist here

Crafting a vision board is more than being artistic and creative - it aids the journey of personal growth. At Wish Designs we focus on mental health, motivation and manifestation - and we think crafting a vision board focuses on all of these things.

It creates such a great representation of your goals and a daily source of inspiration - make it everything you want and need it to be.

Today's Decorative Sticker Sheets will be available this Sunday @ 10am along with the rest of this weeks Advent Calendar Gifts.

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