Blogmas Day 7 - Let's Read!


How many books are you planning to read in 2024? 📚

I absolutely love seeing people share their reading progress. While I am not the biggest reader, I do have a small stack of books to currently get through and what a better way to hold myself accountable than to set myself a reading goal and track the books.


Instead of giving you my tips, tell me yours! What is your favourite book you’ve read this year? What is on the pile for next year?


I currently have “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow” on the top of my book pile. 


I've put together a cute pastel and colourful book tracker that you can print and put into your journals, maybe I need to make a 2024 goal to read more because I want to put this in my journal!

Download the free Reading Tracker here

Be sure to use the free reading tracker and head to our website Sunday @ 10am for the bookmark from today’s Advent Gift.

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