Blogmas Day 5 - Let's See the World!

 Welcome to Day 5 of Blogmas and our Countdown to 2024.

Let's see the world - and have a travel themed blog post for today.


I am definitely one to do some travel journaling when the time comes!

Travel Journal Ideas:

  • Travel Map - Of course, keep scrolling and we have 3 different Maps that you can print and put in your journal to colour in for every where you've been!
  • Travel Bucket List - A given, write down all the places you want to go! Pop them in any order, or by continent, or even the country!
  • Packing List - This is one I always go to whenever I'm going on holiday. I also like to have a generic one that I can refer to for shorter trips - for long haul I'll always do a separate one as it's likely we need way more!
  • Must Do Activities - If you're off on a trip, what activities do you have planned? Are there are must have foods to try? What do you plan to do while you're there?
  • Travel Journal/Diary - This is quite literally as simple as it seems! Write a journal each day that you're on your trip making memories! They'll be ones to treasure and remember.
  • Plan Your Dream Trip - What is your dream destination? Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? What do you want to do?
  • City or Destination Journal Spreads - Whenever I have a holiday planned, I will always plan those weeks on that destination - this year I've done multiple Disney Journal Spreads, New York spreads and a Paris one as well.
  • Staycation Ideas - Not every holiday has to be some super expensive holiday, there are so many staycation places you can go! We have UK holidays planned for 2024 and they're going to be just as fun.
We have a double dose of freebies today. Along with the travel journal ideas - we also have a travel map printable for the world, Europe and the UK. So whether you're planning more staycations or you want to colour every where you have travelled!
Download Travel Map UK here
Download Travel Map World & Europe here

The scrunchies along with all of this weeks Advent Calendar gifts will be available on Sunday at 10am on our website. The velvet purple just feels so festive!

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