Blogmas Day 4 - 9 Journal Page Ideas

Welcome to the next instalment of Blogmas and our Countdown to 2024.

Today's Advent Calendar gift is a Bullet Journal Kit in signature Wish Designs colours.

Since we've already shared journal prompts and journal page spreads, I thought we could add in some page ideas.

There are so many different ways to use your journal and there are no strict rules so make it your own!

However if you did want to use your journal for a bit of everything - we thought the following ideas would be a great place to start!


Journal Page Ideas:

  • Self-Care Routine - I've previously mentioned the self care routine as part of the morning journal prompts, this is actually one page idea I will be putting into mine - a big part of my self care is journal time, skin care, making a delicious healthy meal, and just taking some time for me! I'd love to know what you do for self care.
  • Favourite Meals - Lunches & Dinners - I regularly do meal plans in my journal. I find it the easiest thing to do when I'm referring to my weekly journal pages. It's such a great thing to have your favourite meals on a journal spread, just to be able to easily refer to when it's one of those days where you're lacking inspiration - or get a takeaway!
  • Book/Movie Trackers - I LOVE seeing people doing book or movie trackers in their journals. I love the ones that show bookshelves of books they've read or movies they've watched - also the 'to read' or 'to watch'. 
  • Habit Tracker - Habit Trackers do what they say on the tin, they track your habits - however this doesn't have to be those simple day to day tasks. Many people use this for no spend, working out, no takeaways, journaling - there are so many things you could track daily that link in with your goals.
  • Tasks Menu List - The Menu is a method I learnt during my personal Therapy sessions - simply choose some 5 minute tasks when you feel overwhelmed or need to take a step back and go and do one of them. On my list is normally the really simple things - put the laundry on or put away, do the washing up or run the hoover around a couple rooms. It takes my mind off and actually achieves something away from what I'm doing.
  • Worry-Free Doodling - this one goes without saying! Fill that double page spread with little doodles and let those worries go away!
  • Travel Map - stay tuned for tomorrow 🤭 this one is perfect for those travellers out there, using a map to document those travels and figure out where you're going next!
  • Quotes Wall - If you're someone who finds it motivating to add quotes to your journal and also helps with manifestation! It would look amazing to have coloured quotes all over a double page spread.
  • Favourite Lyrics/Songs - Similar to the Book/Movie Trackers, if you're someone who loves music, this ones for you! You could even use music records to do a little song tracker.

Again, not strictly a downloadable for your journal but we hope this gives you plenty of ideas!

Let us know your go to ideas for doing journal pages! We'd love some inspiration.

Make sure you are checking out our website each Sunday at 10am to get that weeks Advent Calendar gift!

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