Blogmas Day 31 - Evening Routine

It's the end of Blogmas, and today we're sharing some ideas for your Evening Routine - I have personally added my Morning and Evening Routine into my journal. I've focused on getting balance, mindfulness, manifesting and things that will help my mental health.

Here's just a few ideas that you can use:

  • Digital Detox - This is a given, make sure you have some time without any technology, whether it's any of the below suggestions or you go for a walk.
  • Warm Bath/Shower - I am personally a morning Shower person but I find the whole thing super relaxing, it instantly is calming and makes me feel so much better. Grab your favourite bath or shower products, take at least 10 minutes without any distractions and let the worries wash away!
  • Comfy Clothes - Also a given, one that you absolutely should do as soon as possible! It automatically puts your brain into thinking it's time to relax.
  • Journaling & a Hot Drink - As with many of these blog posts, centring around journaling - there's a bunch of Daily Evening Journal Prompts that you can use to help get some reflection in.
  • Reading - The first thing I knew I wanted to incorporate into my Evening Routine was Reading, I will personally be heading up to bed between 9pm and 9:30pm, putting my phone onto Do Not Disturb and spending the next hour or so reading. I've added it into my routine already and it's done wonders for my sleep.
  • Skincare Routine - I'm a huge fan of a skincare routine. It makes me feel so refreshed and I'll often pick products that have calming scents like Lavender which puts me right into a deep sleep!


These journal sheets were part of the final day of the Advent Calendar, colourful but simple to add into your journals to help daily planning!

All Advent Gifts are now available on our website - we’ll be prepping orders from this weekend to ship next week.

If you've followed along for our journey, thank you so much! We will be launching the digital downloads in an additional section of our website for you to download as many as you'd like!
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