Blogmas Day 25 - Bucket List & Adventures

Merry Christmas!

If you've stuck around so far, thank you - I have thoroughly enjoy this journey so far and would love to know your thoughts!

We hope you are celebrating today, whether that's big or small, whether this is an enjoyable or perhaps hard time for you - we send you all the love and happiness.


Onto today's Blogmas - we are sharing bucket lists! We have the cutest printable for you to document your bucket list, your goals and where you'd like to adventure off to. Get those aspirations written down as we share the power of a bucket list.

  • Dream Big - Allow your imagination to soar. Dream big and consider experiences that might seem out of reach. Your bucket list is all the possibilities that you can dream of.
  • Categorise your Goals - Organise your list into categories such as travel, personal development, adventure and leisure. This categorisation helps to keep a well-rounded and balance set of aspirations.
  • Set Achievable Milestones - While dreaming big is definitely encouraged here, also include the smaller, achievable goals. It will help with consistency and you can hit those milestones by giving a sense of accomplishment and keeping momentum.
  • Regularly Update and Revise - this is very much a theme here. Life is dynamic, and you don't know when there will be a curve ball. Regularly revisit and revise your list and your priorities and interests evolve.


Download the Bucket List Journal Page here

Today's Advent Gift is a special one, a new style of Acrylic Pin that we haven't done before, featuring a cute quote to embed that motivation into your everyday!

These will be available this Sunday at 10am along with the rest of this weeks Advent gifts.
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