Blogmas Day 23 - Gifting Ideas

Do you love gift giving? It's a thoughtful experience and I personally take a lot of joy from this!
While I definitely should have shared something like this sooner - it also comes at a good time for you to track the gifts you're giving or receiving and we have some good ideas for 2024!
  • Download the Gift Tracker - It's a handy tool to help your organise your ideas, track purchases, and ensure you don't forget anyone!
  • Personalised Gifts - this is always a winner in anyones books, you could get some custom-made jewellery from a small business, monogrammed accessories - who doesn't love a new wash bag?!, or a piece of artwork. It adds a special touch, showing you've put a lot of thought in. 
  • Subscription Services - Gift the joy of a gift that keeps on giving through the year, you can pick a subscription based on the persons interests. From book clubs to gourmet food boxes, even Stationery 🤭, there's something for everyone!
  • Experiences - I am super organised and I've already decided what I would like to do for my birthday next year, and it's more activities than physical objects. The value of creating memories is far more valuable than an object. This could be tickets to a concert, a cooking class or a weekend getaway plus so much more!
  • Self-Care - Another one I've asked for for this Christmas is a basket of goodies for Self-Care, after the (end of) year I've had I couldn't think of anything more perfect than looking after my self care.
  • Tech Gadgets and Accessories - For someone who is tech savvy, you could get a new gadget or new accessories for their devices. There are some very nice phone cases out there!
  • Handmade Items - now this is one I'm a bit fan of and I'll always try to incorporate this into people's gifts. It means every gift is unique. Other ideas for hand making gifts would be candles, baking some cookies, or whatever your talent is!
  • DIY Gift Baskets - Lastly, another DIY idea that can be as expensive or as cheap as you'd want to make it! What is the recipient into? You could do a self-care basket, a collection of books, gourmet snacks, speciality teas or just a collection of items you know they'd love!
Today's printable is a double whammy - there's a Gift Tracker to track the gifts you're giving (or receiving) and also a page for Gift Ideas - if you're like me, I always have a constant list of ideas to make or buy for people in my life!
We have just a few sets of these adorable paperclips that were in today's Advent Calendar gift - I think they're so dinky and perfect to mark a page to come back to without leaving too much of a dent!
These will be available this Sunday at 10am along with the rest of this weeks Advent gifts.
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