Blogmas Day 21 - Daily Journaling

We're now two thirds of the way through Blogmas and I hope you're all loving the daily content and the printables for your journals!
I have a final daily journaling printable for you, as well as some tips to help with daily journaling as it can often feel overwhelming despite there being no pressures!
There are so many benefits to journaling and if you follow us on social media, you'll find me talking about this often.
So, grab your pens (and washi and stickers and more...), embrace those blank pages and let the magic flow.
There are so many benefits to daily journaling too.
  • Self-Reflection - Daily Journaling provides a space for reflecting on the day that you have had. By putting pen to paper, you can unleash those thoughts, understand your feelings, motivations, manifest and be a little creative.
  • Stress Reduction - It is so therapeutic to do a little journaling. It serves as a stress-relief mechanism, allowing you to unload worries and anxieties, leaving everything a little clearer.
  • Goal Setting - Use your journal to set daily goals and track your progress of these. You can document your achievements, big or small, and feeling that sense of accomplishment will help keep you motivated.
  • Let the Creativity flow - Journaling is a great way to be a bit creative. Whether you express this through words, doodles or a mix of both - or even if you prefer using washi tapes and stickers, it all helps!
  • Memory Journaling - Capturing those important moments, again whether they are big or small. Your journal becomes a time capsule of memories that you can look back on and reflect on past experiences, lessons learnt and personal growth.
I am obsessed with the foiled journal washi tapes, they make the perfect addition to your journal - work smarter not harder!
These will be available this Sunday at 10am along with the rest of this weeks Advent gifts.
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