Blogmas Day 2 - 6 Top Tips for Keeping Organised

Welcome to Blogmas and our Countdown to 2024. Today is all about our top tips for being organised - and they aren't all about planning believe it or not!

Top Tips for keeping Organised:

  • Get a Planner - a Dot Grid Journal you may say 🤭, even a notebook will do, getting those thoughts down on paper will make the world of difference. If you aren't a paper planner, you can get so many apps or digital planners that would work just as well. I find it much better to be able to visualise what I'm doing!
  • Stick to a Routine - I'm a routine gal through and through. Due to work schedules between myself and my husband, we have certain things we do on particular days. I'm also an early bird so I'll happily be doing my weekly food shop first thing on a Saturday!
  • Declutter that Workspace - Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind. I swear by this! If my desk is super messy, I don't know where to look or where to start. I also love having little storage pots so everything I need is there to hand - I really must reorganise my desks soon!
  • Self-Care Routine - Similar to sticking to a routine of course, there is something that just sets me up for a positive day by doing my skincare routine, a bit of journaling and of course a cup of tea.
  • Sunday* Re-Set - *insert day of choice here. I've started to do a little Saturday/Sunday Re-Set on the house and key areas, such as my desk. Knowing that all these things are tidy, cleaned, organised makes going into Monday that little bit easier.
  • Break it down - I find this one key. I will even break it down on my to do lists, breaking it down by topic - such as home and business, and then break it down by room of the house or task if I'm focusing on tidying and cleaning. This may seem unnecessary but let's be honest, how satisfying is it to tick off the to do list when you've completed a task?!

Today is a little fun wallpaper freebie - though this could definitely be printed for your journal too! The little icons match the washi tape in today's Advent Calendar gift. 

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