Blogmas Day 19 - Budgeting Tips

Happy Blogmas Day 19, today's Advent gift is very focused on the functional products (scroll down, I will avoid spoilers!) and so I thought the perfect freebie would be focused around Budgeting and Budget Trackers.
With the cost of living impacting more and more of us, there are some practical budgeting tips we're going to share as well as the Budget Tracker to allow you to look at budgeting a little better.
  • What are your goals? - Before really looking at the numbers, what would you like to achieve? Do you need to save for something around the house? Or do you want to go on that holiday you've been dreaming about? Even if it is working towards paying off debt - this is ok and will allow you to have more financial freedom in the future.
  • Break down the expense - Put your expenses into categories such as house payments, utilities, groceries and entertainment - plus more if you need them. This will allow you to see where the money is going and where you are able to save money.
  • Create a Budget - Be realistic, this doesn't have to be stretching yourself thin. Go within your means and you are more likely to save more. Give yourself the occasional treats or activities so you aren't too hard on yourself.
  • Use the printable! - The Budget Tracker allows space for your income, expenses and weekly spending. It will give you a visual representation of where your money is going.
  • Review and Adjust - Do this regularly, you may find that you are more in budget than you expect to be or you may have some busier months which means you won't be able to save as much and this is ok!
Download the Budget Tracker here
These super cute functional icons are part of today's Advent Calendar gift - printed on clear sticker paper to give a simple effect in your planners and journals.
A couple of these will be available this Sunday at 10am along with the rest of this weeks Advent gifts.
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