Blogmas Day 16 - The 5-9 after the 9-5

Has anyone else seen those Reels/TikToks of people's 5-9 after the 9-5?

I personally find these so inspiring and motivating! As a small business owner, this definitely doesn't stop and one thing I use my journal for and something I plan to do in 2024 is make this more of a productive few hours.

While most of my evenings are dedicated to Wish Designs, sometimes I need to take those breaks to recharge so I can come back and create, craft and produce better products for you all.

So to keep in with the journaling side of content, I've put together a Daily Reflection Journal Page - something you can use while during in the 5-9 after the 9-5. 

It gives you an opportunity to reflect on the day you've had, learnings and a way to reflect on how you want to improve the next day.

Download the Daily Reflection journal page here
The Classic Doodle Washi Tape will be available this Sunday at 10am along with the rest of this week's Advent Calendar Gifts.
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