Blogmas Day 15 - Spring Cleaning Checklist

Do you have a cleaning routine that you follow?

When it comes to spring cleaning, I personally section it off by room!

Each day/week/month, I have a focus on a little spring clean or what part of the house needs to be decluttered.


My Top Tips are:

  • Do a little bit at a time - take it one room or tasks at a time
  • Write a to do list (or download the one we shared for you!) - and tick off as you go
  • Be ruthless with your declutter - donate any unwanted clothes, homeware or even good, if it’s been sat unused for a while, chances are you won’t miss it!


Today, we have shared a spring cleaning checklist on our website that you can download and print for your journals.

Download the Spring Cleaning Checklist here

What are your top tips for spring cleaning?

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