Blogmas Day 10 - Ways to Keep Motivated

At Wish Designs, we are all about creating a positive and motivating space. So, welcome to Blogmas Day 10!


Along with the postcard trio with motivating and inspiring quotes on in today’s Advent Calendar gift, we wanted to share a few more that you can use in your journals as stickers or journal cards - I personally cannot wait to stick them in my journal.


Some ways I continue to keep motivated:

  • Be Creative - who said a to do list had to be boring?!
  • 5 Minute Tasks - this can be used in a variety of ways, to help tick off that to do list and also if you need an extra distraction. An exercise often referred to as The Menu. 
  • Weekly Goal, it could be big or small - I normally align it with the week ahead of me.
  • Motivational Affirmations - Today's freebie would be perfect to use for affirmations! I always try to get in some affirmation stickers within my journal spreads for the week, it's a nice little reminder to get motivated.
  • Goal-Setting Journal - While we've looked at weekly goals, you could also have a goal-setting journal, or even having a space in your journal for goal-setting and split it into day, week and monthly goals.
  • Inspiring Workspace - One thing I'm focusing on for the next few weeks is to transform my workspace - some parts of my office have become quite cluttered and I need to move this around, I want to have the walls surrounding my desk full of my favourite things and I leave my desk quite clutter free because tidy desk, tidy mind.
  • Visualise your Goals - Check back to yesterday's blog post where we shared about crafting a vision board in your journal, this is the perfect way to visualise your goals!
  • Reflection & Adapting - I want to share a bit more about reflection in the future, however I think this is an amazing way to motivate yourself. By reflecting on past experiences, and how these relate to current situations and your future, you can adapt to make future situations more successful.


We've shared some bonus quotes to match the postcards, you could turn them into journal cards or stickers!

Download the Quote Images here 

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