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Beads Lucky Dip Bags

Beads Lucky Dip Bags

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A brand new product has come to Wish Designs


Who doesn't love a lucky dip bag?!

Well here are the bead lucky dip bags, full of beads of varying sizes, colours and patterns - there would be approximately enough beads to make 5 bracelets (it could be more or less dependent on how many beads are used). 


The kits come in a variety of colours as shown - they are the perfect item to do with a friend to create friendship bracelets, or as an activity during the holidays. 

We also think they are perfect for party bags, or hen parties - we can also customise these to make them perfect for you! 

Please head to for tutorials on the DIY Kits - these kits are customisable and can be put together in whichever way you choose, we have done our design to our preference.

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